That Guy Who….. is a collection of stories about the men in our past, present and future.The stories are all “That Guy Who….” because all our ex’s lose their names and simply become That Guy Who…… How many girly chats start with “do you remember That Guy Who….” and then followed by the fucked up thing they did or the funny story you shared with your girls.To make this easier (and anonymous) we have named every guy Adam, you know being the first ever guy! Also we’re pretty sure none of the guys were actually called Adam.

So now you’re part of our girl squad and you have just unlocked the final friendship level. You know the level where you actually have to tell her if an outfit makes her look fat or if she have food in her teeth or when you laugh the most when she falls over. Most importantly part though is that this is the level that unlocks the crazy in your friend who you previously thought had her shit together. She is confident, beautiful, career focussed but now she feels comfortable enough with you to open her baggage up and throw it all over you! Yes, yes it’s probably matching designer baggage but the contents are still dirty and messy and it makes you love her all the more! So you have now reached that level with us simply by reading our stories. You didn’t even need to come to the toilet with us or share your chips or drag us away from that pervy guy in the club.

So let us introduce ourselves, we are all attention loving, fucking sexy, drama queens who don’t realise our true worth and have a true love of sex! We all also discuss our relationships and sex life in minute detail (sorry Adam!).We have done a lot of shit and are about to absolutely own our actions in these stories.We will not be totally blaming the men for the drama (well maybe sometimes) but if any of us do play the innocent one the rest are totally here to call us on it – just like in real life!

Now not every guy in our lives has had a profound effect on us.Some men touch our hearts and will forever be part of who we are and some men touch our boobies and must never be spoken of again.Which is why you’ll find some light hearted stories as well as some dealing with deeper hurt, mixed with a dash of regret and #awkward!!!! These stories were always first told accompanied by a lot of wine so to keep with tradition I suggest you grab a large glass and toast –